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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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If they're going to do these, they need to make them worthwhile as stand-alone purchases. Insert deleted scenes (if there are any), give me a 16:9 option as well as 4:3 and show me the 'Battle of Wolf 359' via CGI and bring Rod Jones in to score it. Plus, seamless branching so I can either watch it the way it was originally intended or with all the extra goodies.

Outside of some pretty packaging, The Best of Both Worlds stand-alone was a huge missed opportunity.
I would go a step further. I had hoped to see a 3D version, as well as a 2.35.1 cinematic option, the ability to seemlessly branch to alternate takes, a reimagined score by Hans Zimmer, a Klingon language audio track and an iPad app with which I can change the colour of Guinan's hats.
Regardless of what you think of my suggestions, the only thing The Best of Both Worlds does for me is waste space on my entertainment shelf. All so I can have a version that cuts out one of the best bits of the entire episode and does so in a sloppy way.
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