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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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If they're going to do these, they need to make them worthwhile as stand-alone purchases. Insert deleted scenes (if there are any), give me a 16:9 option as well as 4:3 and show me the 'Battle of Wolf 359' via CGI and bring Rod Jones in to score it. Plus, seamless branching so I can either watch it the way it was originally intended or with all the extra goodies.

Outside of some pretty packaging, The Best of Both Worlds stand-alone was a huge missed opportunity.
I would go a step further. I had hoped to see a 3D version, as well as a 2.35.1 cinematic option, the ability to seemlessly branch to alternate takes, a reimagined score by Hans Zimmer, a Klingon language audio track and an iPad app with which I can change the colour of Guinan's hats.
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