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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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What is it about the Bulls that makes them such a tough opponent for the Heat? You can talk about the Heat being rusty after the long wait following their sweep of the Bucks. But the Bulls are with out three of their top players, in Rose, Deng and Hinrich.... and a brutal series against the Nets. And here those same Bulls are about to take game 1 against the Heat! On the road!!!
I think it was a combination of the Bulls having the kind of defensive scheme that bothers the Heat and gives confidence to the Bulls, and the effects of the layoff and some complacency by the Heat. Miami might get extended to 6 or possibly 7, in this series. Damn, Thibs is a great coach.

You know, I had forgotten that after so many years of being great defenders, defense is no longer what wins games for the Spurs. They have morphed into a running-scoring team who are not on the level as the Warriors when it comes to that mode of offense. The Spurs are going to have to find some of that old defensive prowess if they hiope to win their series. They are going to need homecourt I think.

BTW, thanks (again) Bulls for quickly ensuring that the Heat won't break the Lakers 2001, 17-1 record run to the ring.
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