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Boris Skrbic
Re: Question for Rick Sternbach Re: Qo'Nos One Size

The K’t’inga isn’t as vaguely detailed as the BoP, so I wouldn’t be so quick to rationalize that as rescaling (not that I’m a fan of the BoP theory either — though I generally like the BOPTM, it would’ve been better to pretend the large BoPs were actually slightly different designs, and simply treat that part of the show as a “blooper” or VFX limitation). The DS9TM and BOPTM aside, it’s been sized at 214.3m fairly consistently across publications, going back to David Kimble’s official TMP blueprints of 1980. Given their accuracy with the other TMP ships, I’m fairly sure the number comes from a production source, and I haven’t really seen anyone dispute that size. Andrew Probert fitted it out with the TMP bridge (at the very least), so he might have more info.

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