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Re: How Much Does JJ Abrams Know About Star Trek

I think where his knowledge is lacking is in understanding what precisely makes Star Trek work. He hears the witty lines, and sees the comeraderie among the characters, and sees the ship firing torpedoes at some bad guys, and he thinks he knows what makes Star Trek tick. He seems to honestly think that Star Trek fans have loved the franchise simply because it was a light, fun action show with witty lines. There are plenty of light, fun action shows with witty lines that are nowhere near as good as Star Trek. Star Trek, when it was very good (much of TOS, TNG, and DS9, Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country, First Contact....) was certainly more than an entertaining shoot-em-up action movie. It was occasionally that, sure, but certainly not at its high points.

I wish he knew less about the look and "feel" of Star Trek, and more about the substance and the ambition and the purpose.
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