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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Again, I have to ask why people think the director has so much influence, when almost every single other person in charge of the movie is Nolan or one of his cronies. Snyder means less than nothing at this point, Nolan has been in charge of writing and producing it. It wouldn't matter if Steven Spielberg were directing it, its a Nolan movie. One man is not going to beat out Nolan and his legion of minions. Snyder isn't going to be a factor, at all. I truley wish he was, because he worked on Watchmen and it turned out to be watchable (and I hate the Watchmen comic, its easily one of the worst comics I ever read, I couldn't even finish it, and I tried twice). If nolan was just the producer, or just the writer, and none of his minions were working on the film, I'd say Snyder would have a achance at making the movie watchable. But, even if he had a different style/different ideas than Nolan, he's more outmatched and outnumbered than the Spartans in 300.

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Clark Kent wasn't born a reporter. He didn't pop out of his escape pod and just start working for the newspaper as an infant. He's allowed to do other things with his life.
High school-college-reporter has been Superman's path in every incarnation I've read, or something close to that. Wandering around as a random guy doing manual labor is just stupid. Its just adding extra angst into the movie (there is no way he's just having a day job or something, an event probably happened and he went away to dissappear and brood for awhile).
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