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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

^^ You get that Clark is finding himself BEFORE he becomes a reporter right? He's figuring out where he belongs in the world and being around people as know the people he will later protect as Superman.

The wondering /journey aspect was most likely taken from Mark Waid's "Superman: Birthright" which is an excellent reimagining of the origin story. There are elements of it that were used from source material.

I don't think anyone here has begrudged your opinion on disliking Nolan or being critical of Nolan.

My problem with your comments has been the fact that you've basically totally ignored and dismissed Zack Snyder in order to support your viewpoint on Nolan. Your entire stance from the start has been...oh because Nolan "ruined" your own personal view of Batman, that he's going to do somehow do the same with Superman...when Nolan really hasn't been hands on with the film (you can choose to believe that or not and I think you've chosen to not believe it so whatever). Others have pointed out as well as I have to you numerous times that Christopher Nolan did not direct this film. Zack Snyder did.
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