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Re: Everything Wrong with STar Trek (video)

Some of the nitpicks are BS that every movie falls victim to.

Some of them (nitpicks) are because the movie doesn't explain every little detail. Like, "Why did Spock not go for the Starbase immediately once he was on Delta Vega?" Who knows and who cares...use your damn imagination. Here's an example of using one's imagination, Ah...maybe trying to cross space as fast as he could to contain a supernova; fail in saving a planet but succeed in stopping the supernova, then fall into a black hole, then get captured, and then left behind to watch your world be destroyed all in the span of a day or so. Shit, man needed a breather for a few, so he sat down built a fire and was trying to determine the best route to get there and then boom, Kirk shows up. The whole point is I didn't need the movie to spend an extra 10 minutes explaining this. Ironically it’s actually cool in that I can explain it how I want to, or anybody can explain how they want to.

Bud Light? I sure as hell hope they have this in the future! I live in the land of microbrews and believe me its heaven! But Bud light is always my go too when nothing else is available. It seems that way too for Uhura and gang also in that she orders a whole bunch of stuff, but there are still 3 people who can't decide and get a bud light.

The whole beaming in to the water tube thing was crap too. They beamed from Delta Vega to the Enterprise hoping just to make it there, they were lucky to get there water tube or not even though there was a theory in place. They beamed Spock down outside the Katric Arc because the ground was unstable. Sure you gotta run a bit but it prevents you from dying immediately post beam in.

Sure there are some plot holes, what is Nero doing in the 25 years? Why doesn’t he compute his trajectory and slingshot around the sun immediately and warn Romulace of its impending doom. What regular movie goer is gonna like that? Sure a regular fan might but that’s different. I guess the plot holes weren’t enough for me to complain about and I went into Trek 09 more pissed than most fans and came out really happy. This video could be done with any movie and was created to just further anger those whom are already angered. Rant over…I’m biased though…I still enjoy the Final Frontier.
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