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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Have you ever seen someone that works a blue collar job? Those are not "hobo clothes" and to refer to them as such reveals the sheltered life you must lead. The working man version of Clark seen in the trailers is straight from John Byrne's Man of Steel (hmmm, that title sounds familiar). One of the finest versions of the origin story ever told. If you haven't read that and can't see the similarities then I would suggest you know less about Superman than you think.

Referring to him as a hobo was mostly a joke, I get that they're going for some kind of wandering working man or something (which is just as stupid, Clark's a reporter, not a blue collar worker). I like John Byrne's work a lot, but i've read only one issue of his Superman, Man of Steel #2 (which is in the Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told TPB I have). I'm not a huge fan of fat Lex (I guess he was on the Kingpin diet) and I prefer Lex to be atleast something of a mad scientist to go along with the evil buisness man stuff, but it was a decent comic. Still, this isn't a movie thats trying to base itself on a good comic book. Its a Nolan movie ignoring everything about the character to have a generic Nolan hero.

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Sounds like you basically just want a live-action version of the STAS cartoon, where Superman was just a boring do-gooder with no personality who did nothing but fight aliens and giant robots all day.

Personally I'm looking forward to seeing a slightly more complex and believable Superman in this movie.

I thought STAS was great. Not as good as BTAS or JL/JLU, but a solid show. That is the superman I want, a good guy who doesn't back down or start brooding when things go wrong.

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He failed at making Batman, completely. He not only got it wrong, he made Batman unrecongniseable.
Unrecognizable? Hardly. I've been reading Batman comics since the early 70s (and I've read numerous stories going back to the first appearance of Batman). In fact, I suspect I've read more Batman than you've had hot meals. And I had no trouble at all recognizing the character in Nolan's films.
As for the movies being like the comic Batman, I've never heard of a Batman book where Batman fights crime for about 2 years (fighting exactly 2 villains, one being an idiotic couselour and one being a psyco cosplaying as Joker), retires for 8 years and becomes a hermit, then returns just to defeat a vilainess who doesn't reveal she even exists until its just the right time to sabotage any thoughts that the supposed main villain was the least bit threatening. Then, he retires from what was supposed to be a life long crusade to screw a Catwoman so bad she made Hallie Berry's version no longer the worst catwoman ever. Don't forget having alfred constantly complain about Bruce being batman throughout the book. If that exists, i'd honestly like to read it just because it sounds like the worst Batman comic ever.

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Of course, the above is only my opinion. You need not share it in any way (and clearly you wouldn't). I am not trying to persuade you to change your mind in any way. But I would advise, for your blood pressure, ignoring the upcoming Superman movie. If I had such a visceral disdain for the work of a particular filmmaker (either as a director or a producer), I would simply avoid it altogether (much as I avoid anything by Celine Dion, lest my blood pressure go up too much). What I wouldn't do, again for my own benefit, is constantly dwell on something I dislike and remark about it in places where I'm unlikely to garner any sympathy. That would just feed my frustration even more. Instead, I'd watch something I do like and mellow out.

Just sayin'.
I'm not expecting anyone to really agree. It just that seeing so many people practically worship the guy, I figured someone who doesn't think that Nolan is the second coming should comment. I just couldn't stay quiet after reading a bit of the thread. I honestly didn't mean to start a big thing (although I'd be lying if I said I didn't see the possibility).
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