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Re: A parade of spaceships...

Re: the Phantom Cruiser.

I'm presently on my first attempt modelling this. I can see basically two ways of realizing this in 3D and either way isn't going to look completely consistent with what we see onscreen. It's just one way will look a lot more right than the other.

The most familiar shot of the ship is at an angle as viewed from above. If I were to follow what the image seems to be saying then that's the only angle where the 3D model would look consistent with the onscreen image. That's because as seen from above it looks like the wings flow from the nose and back then out from the top of the fuselage. From any other angle it just wouldn't look right anymore.

However if I take into account the few other views of the ship we've seen onscreen then a credible three dimensional shape does become possible that will look consistent with the onscreen version...except when viewed from the familiar angle from above then it will deviate somewhat. That said the latter approach makes for a better result all around and will result in a model that will be instantly recognizable.

I'm looking at this from the perspective of what is the shape suggesting rather than taking every single visible line drawn literally?

I'm presently quite far along with my first attempt, but I'm convinced I can do it better (and why I'm holding off posting pics). That said I've got a lot of the essentials right, but it needs to be tweaked to get a better final result.
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