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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Just to add my two cents into the conservation.
I just don't like the nuEnterprise "super-size". The overall classic Enterprise visual cues suggest a much smaller size (close to the original). Whereas the Next-Gen Enterprise, gave you a sense of real huge scale, based on the visual cues.

For me personally, and from an engineering standpoint, the TMP Enterprise had the best representation of the ship, size and scale. Plus that move showed that it all depends on how the ship is filmed. It showed that you still fit fairly large sets into the ship, and still get a real sense of huge scale.
Except some of the sets for the TMP enterprise wouldn't actually fit inside of the model at the scale it was originally designed. Engineering is by far the biggest perpetrator; the engine room sports several perpendicular corridors that lead to places that couldn't exist in a hull that size and would only be possible if the ship itself was nearly twice as large as originally designed.

Abrams' people evidently encountered the same problem with the filming sets when they realized that there was just no way they could justify cramming something that huge into an engineering section only forty meters wide; especially once they decided to do it big with the (IMO, totally awesome) airport-sized shuttlebay.

Try to remember that the majority of spaceship effects and exterior CG are mainly done in post-production after most principal photography is completed. If they finish those CG shots early, it's usually for the purpose of sticking it in a preview.
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