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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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For me, the Redemption standalone will depend on price, and extra content.

I paid 6 for BOBW and was more than happy with the additional content. If Redemption offers up another retrospective and another commentary track, and I can snap it up for 10 or less then I'll be picking it up. If the price is >10 then I'll just wait until it's not. If I deem the extras not worth it, then I simply won't bother.

Plus it saves waiting a few more months to finish watching Redemption!
For me, there was simply nothing there making it worth a separate purchase not even as a curiosity. They clipped a few seconds and gave us a couple of special features that I watched once but will never watch again.

If they're going to do these, they need to make them worthwhile as stand-alone purchases. Insert deleted scenes (if there are any), give me a 16:9 option as well as 4:3 and show me the 'Battle of Wolf 359' via CGI and bring Rod Jones in to score it. Plus, seamless branching so I can either watch it the way it was originally intended or with all the extra goodies.

Outside of some pretty packaging, The Best of Both Worlds stand-alone was a huge missed opportunity.
Yeah, the only reason I bought BOBW was becasue it ended up being a $5 bonus disc. I can live with that, not the $20 price that it could have been. I liked the special feature, and I might watch the episode with the commentary, but they cut out what made that such a memorable cliffhanger and in the end might have done damage to the episode. The way it originally aired is so much better, even if I do need to go up and change discs.

I really wonder what kind of features will be on the Redemption set. If it's stuff about developing the Worf Arc, that should be on the season 4 set, and it was touched upon briefly in season 3. I'm not sure, other than getting a $5 price what will be on the set that would make me buy it.

I also agree with you, BillJ that they need to make these sets memorable. What can they do to make the purchase worth it? The commentaries are nice, but they got to go all out. Maybe have musical cues (A missed opportunity on the BOBW set was that they didn't talk about the Music as it's own feature, or even do something special with the score), deleted scenes, really get into why and how these episodes were developed.
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