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I'm a Star Trek dork so I will see it both ways just to say I did. May 15th opening night tickets are Imax 3D, May 18th tickets are regular 2D. On a side note I have seen it advertised in Imax 3D, Real 3D, and 2D. I know it will be out there, but here in the area there still are no showings advertised in Imax 2D.

Normally i'm a 2D type of guy. But i did happen to see Titanic in 3D and it was great. James Cameron really did a good job with it after the fact. But he had 60 people working around the clock for a year or two to convert it...and he is crazy. Maybe I just remember it being really good as I was not to enthused to see it again in the first place, to say nothing about the 3D. But hey if it makes the wife happy then I'm set. But I thought it was good.

If Into Darkness came out in "Sense Around" or in "Smell Vision" I would go see it...just to see what they think the Enterprise smells like. The ship probably smells like window cleaner since there is so much glass in the nuEnterprise.
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