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Re: If you found yourself aboard the Enterprise during TMP...

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The refit occurred before Ilia was taken and before V'Ger arrived. How could anyone warn anyone of that?
You're right. The refit took place before the V'Ger incident and before Ilia's being taken.

That's why I said you'd be on the Refitrpise. See how that all fits together?

Now...I'll go slowly...listen carefully...

The question was if YOU found yourself ON THE REFITPRISE DURING TMP...

That's right...YOU. On...come can do it...on the refit Enterprise during the period/events of TMP...

YOU...uh huh...YOU...would YOU warn them, knowing as you do what's coming, that V'ger was going to take Ilia?

Would you make the effort? If so, why? If not, why? If so, how? Who? When?

See how all this works? It's a kind of game, a thinking game, and to play it you have to pay attention and get the question/situation that's presented...and most of have to think.

Come on, dude. I mean, really. It wasn't that hard an OP to pick up on. Did you really need it to be spelled out like this, or are you just giving me/us a hard time?
gastrof, we don't insult people's intelligence like that here. And we don't try to lure someone into a fight. Infraction for trolling, comments to PM, please.
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