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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

I can't even believe people are still arguing the size of the new Enterprise. They established the size as the super ubber dumb size it is, so I don't know what there is to fight against anymore.

Sure you can argue some scenes say this, and some show that, but in the end, the creators decided on a size and that's what it is. The Enterprise was super sized because drama and excitement is beholden to big, bold, splashy and bangy. And there's nothing wrong with that because people respond to different things during different times.

One day the Enterprise may be rebooted again- or whatever we'll call rebooting. People may or may not fight and resist or defend no matter what. The Enterprise may get even larger or smaller or turn into a yellow submarine. Kirk may become a chick (god help us all if that happens). Uhura may actually one day become a relevant and interesting character (not bloody likely).

My point is, evidence, smevidence. Just enjoy the damned movie if you like it and stop trying to compare new trek to old- they don't need to be compared as long as you enjoy the movie.

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