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And WTF? The first performance of the night I could get into the coaches shit all over. Is it opposite day or something? Amber screeches and strains for notes "It's like my heart was effing Jesus", Cathia sings a Whitney Houston song and doesn't oversing it to Whitney's absurd extents, "It was okay I guess."

Edit: And the only two performances of the night to actually draw me in are the last two. If Michelle Chamuel and Judith Hill don't dominate these two votes I will sincerely question the voters' sanity.
Yeah, it was a strange night. Michelle Chamuel ended up being my favorite, and Judith Hill is just an amazing singer/perfomer. It's obvious why she was chosen to share the stage with Michael Jackson (which we need to mention every 5 minutes apparently).

I also thought that the other performances were rather boring, but Cathia's did stand out to me as being very good. And then, as you said, the judges were pretty harsh about it. Usher is quickly becoming the new Christina, by which I mean the new "villain" coach. He is really hard on his team, and all the performers really. He is so rarely satisfied. Which is the total opposite of Shakira, who seems to love everyone and everything (except Cathia's performance ).
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