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How characters received their names

For some reason, I find the following stories fascinating:
  • Montgomery Scott was named after James Doohan's grandfather.
  • Khan Noonien Singh and Noonien Soong were both named after an Indian gentleman that Gene Roddenberry had met in some context (during his military service?), and he used the character names as a way to try to reconnect with that man.
  • Christine Chapel's name is a pun on the Sistine Chapel.
  • Geordi LaForge was named after George LaForge, a quadriplegic fan of TOS who died in 1975.
  • Odo's name was deliberately created as a palindrome, as a reflection on the character's mysterious origins and personality. (The in-universe "adapted Cardassian/Bajoran" story was tacked on later.)
  • Jonathan Archer was originally supposed to be named Jackson Archer, but the name was changed when the producers discovered there is already exactly one *real* Jackson Archer in the United States, and they didn't want the legal liability of "naming a character after a real person", even unintentionally.
Any other stories like these that anybody's aware of?

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