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Re: The Americans is Delightful.

Reagan was shot 69 days into his presidency, on march 30 1981.

Where does that put us on the timeline for the Show?

The Beginning of May 1981?

This is interesting...

July 19, 1981 (Sunday)

At the summit of Western leaders in Ottawa, French President François Mitterrand revealed to U.S. President Ronald Reagan the existence of the Farewell Dossier, 4,000 pages of Soviet documents that had been supplied to France by former KGB Colonel Vladimir Vetrov, codenamed "Farewell". The material showed that the Soviets had, after years of infiltration, been stealing American technological research and development. While other advisers to the National Security Council were looking for ways to stop the leaks, Gus Weiss proposed the idea of creating defective technology and allowing it to be stolen. The first trial was for computer programs which, months after being applied to operate the Siberian gas pipeline, began to fail. The existence of the Farewell Dossier remained a secret until 1997.[44]
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