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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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I like it how you blather to distract from the fact that your "statistics" were completely invented.

As usual.
Except that up thread we have "When Wyoming's number of murders is in single digits - Yes, it is below the British murder rate."

But how did you change the focus to just England and Wales when I was comparing Wyoming statistics to the UK, which includes Scotland and Northern Ireland, and whose murder rates are higher than England and Wales (in 2011 Scotland was at 2.34 and Northern Ireland was at 1.52).

It's not like I'm shifting the subject to the gun-friendly states that have a lower murder rate than Wyoming.
I have come to realise that when I made that statement i was comparing Wyoming murder rate to Britain's intentional homicide rate. This was a mistake as 'intentional homicide' actually include some forms of manslaughter (i.e. non-negligent manslaughter) which are excluded from the Wyoming numbers that deal only with murder. I am not sure what the murder rate for Britain actually is.

The figures you quote for Scotland and Northern Ireland also seems to be for intentional homicide rather than just murders.
This is what I managed to find

UK (Great Britain) Total Murder / Homicide numbers and rate 2011/2012
Total UK population in 2011 (census 2011) was 63,181,775
Total Murders / Homicides in UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) in the financial year 2011/12 is 663 (was 777 in 2010/11)
Total UK murder / homicide rate in 2011/12 is 10.5 (was 12.3 in 2010/11) figure is per 1 million population

If you look at the data it says in 2011/12 of those murder/homicide rates in England and Wales 39 were carried out with a gun whilst 5 were carried out in Scotland. The figure for Northern Ireland wasn't provided so we have at least 44 minimum with a maximum of 67 (23 murders in N. Ireland). Which accounting for population size (the US being around 4.5 times larger) would mean around 198-302. The overall rate ~3000. Which is what 3-4 times lower than the US murder rate.
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