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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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If a gun ban would reduce the risk to my I'd take it.

Now of course places like Switzerland has high gun ownership but not as many of the problems realting to guns as the US. But is that in part due to the fact of National service? Or something else, or a combination of things?
And there's the issue right there. Pro-gun control people see it as obvious that the presence of guns is the core of the problem, so anything done to restrict guns will reduce these events. Since the presence of guns is the problem, then anyone who who doesn't want more restrictions obviously doesn't care about protecting children. Gun rights people, on the other hand, believe the problem is not the presence of guns, but is the fault of those committing these acts. Restricting gun sales/bullet sales/ownership/etc. will have no effect on these events because those who would do these things obviously have no regard for the law. Such laws would only punish law-abiding people who aren't a threat anyway.

The root of the whole debate is that one side believes guns are the problem becuase if guns weren't around then crazy people couldn't get them and the other believes guns aren't a problem but the crazy people are. Neither side seems capable of even understanding the other side.
So are you saying hypothetically speaking if Guns where banned in the US or more highly regulated that it wouldn't reduce the risk of a "crazy" person getting hold of one?

No law passed by Parliament or Act of Congress will ever prevent a shooting incident form occuring, it can however reduce the risk of such an event occuring.

Or would you disagree with that statement?

Or how about this in a democracy the will of the majority is usually carried out.

From gallup

In that poll it seems the majority are in favour of some reforms to the existing gun laws.
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