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Re: If you found yourself aboard the Refitprise during TMP...

I can't think of nothing that could save Ilia. She was zapped when the plasma probe came to examine the bridge and no one could prevent that.

The fact Spock smashed the keyboard (thus logically disabling the entire computer system ) and got a quick shock therapy might have something to do with the zapping, -- or not.

After that point I could tell "V'Ger is Voyager 6" and maybe shorten the movie. But then again, that could cause Vger to zap the Enterprise and Earth. Not good.

Then the problem of convince someone I'm form the past but know the future. It could cause the abramsverse to form even weirder.

What I probably would end doing is call Ilia and say "Hey hottie, you'll die tomorrow. Wanna have snu-snu for the last time?"

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