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Re: Help Me Build a Comprehensive Star Trek Experience

Here is one I made for the Q fans in the house.

Q the Adversary
TNG 1.01-1.02 Encounter at Farpoint
TNG 1.10 Hide and Q
Q the Foil
TNG 2.16 Q Who?
TNG 3.13 Déjà Q
Q and Vash
TNG 3.19 Captain’s Holiday
TNG 4.20 Qpid
DS9 1.07 Q-Less
Q the Antihero
TNG 6.06 True Q
TNG 6.15 Tapestry
TNG 7.25-7.26 All Good Things...
Q Civil War
VOY 2.18 Death Wish
VOY 3.11 The Q and the Grey
VOY 7.19 Q2
Additional Viewing
TOS 1.18 The Squire of Gothos
MOV V The Final Frontier

Q goes through a lot of changes over his time in the franchise. He starts out as an adversary but by the end is a generally good character so his arc is a lot of fun. Sometimes he is played for comedy and it is during those times that I feel he is weakest.

This list has a lot that can be removed for more focused viewing. Removing the entire Vash storyline looses nothing and the episodes are overall pretty weak, plus Captain's Holiday doesn't even include Q, it is an introduction to Vash. True Q can be skipped as well since, I feel, it doesn't do much to advance the character. I haven't seen any of the Voyager episodes so i can't speak to their quality. The other episodes form a nice arc beginning and ending with the first and last episodes of TNG quite nicely.

The additional viewing do not include Q but they are a couple of examples of similar beings in the franchise and the shenanigans they get up to.
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