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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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You don't think that Greg Jein thought NCC-1701 was only 83 percent built, do you? And you don't think that Matt Jefferies thought that NCC-1701 was only 83 percent built, do you?
I don't think that NCC-1701 was only 83% built, but there's no need to assume that the bars exclusively show stages of external ship construction. The 11% of NCC-1700 could simply state that the ship's hull has been assembled and other work steps are to follow next.

In the particular case of NCC-1701 we've all seen how the ship looked in "Where No Man Has Gone Before", then there had been some external reconstruction (lowering of Bridge dome, exchange of main sensor-deflector dish, new warp nacelles etc.) and some internal one, also.

Since we haven't seen all internal areas of the Enterprise by the time of "Court-Martial" the remaining 13% could have suggested yet-to-do internal reconstruction and upgrades (e.g. engineering section?)

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"FEATURING chart with legend: STAR SHIP STATUS. Columns lettered: Major Maintenance...Minor Maintenance...Ships Incoming...Ships Cleared."

In the end, Matt Jefferies seems to have exercised some artistic discretion. We have a "Star Ship Status" chart, but one that says "% complete"--and which shows those ships that have been "cleared" (by use of the little green bar on the 100% completed vessel). But it's clear that the intent of the chart was to show ships coming and going for maintenance, not ships being constructed?
Wow, that's a cool find. Apparently the separate bar you mentioned would state "ship cleared" (so it couldn't be the Intrepid but then again the registry is 1831 and not 1631). But other than that I'm uncertain whether you can actually match the script with the final and actual display: Ships Incoming - XX% complete (?).
To match script and display I'd believe this chart would rather look like a typical Bridge monitor, where some starships would just have a bar in one column (minor maintenance) or the one next to it (major maintenance).
While it's definitely interesting, I find the script to be somewhat inconclusive next to the actual display.

As for NCC-1700 being a ship under construction it is compatible with the Jeffries' nomenclature. While the yard definitely knows whether they are assembling a starship of the 16th, 17th or 18th design, the last two digits (or contact code in "my world") haven't been asigned, yet, thus in their place it reads "00" as a placeholder.

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