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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

Stopping her boobs from flapping about either makes her seem like a boy/man or a young girl?

Although looking back on the scene, her mellons were fighting that duct tape with a stout passion... And there's no mistaking that woman for anything other than a mature and hearty woman.

The dialogue about "fun" was in context to the nature of their ongoing relationship and not a description of their then present escapade.

Are we sure that that's duct tape?

It's also possible that after an hour of doing it that there was a lot more duct tape, or other stuff applied/flowing hanging off the tape?

Are they still making tape?

That seems like an odd enterprise to make a go of it after he world ends.

Then of course if you brewing metric tons of glue, and there's no law to speak of to tell any one not to sniff it, well there actual necessary uses for glue beyond scrapbooking.

Besides to you think Marshall Dillion paid for it when Miss Kitty gave up the goods?

Or are either of theses guys too stupid to realise how valuable a pet lawman is to a madam trying to herd such rough customers?
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