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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

Episode 4, A Well Respected Man

Okay I did not understand this at all. Now call me naive, I know a whole lot of things are going on in the world that I am not personally familiar with but WHY has Kendra duct taped her breasts to have sex? "Fun" sex according to her, so fun that she isn't even charging.

I cannot even imagine pulling that off

And of course Nolan has his wrists duct taped as well which we see is very sticky and definitely duct tape and not just some future fabric that looks like duct tape but isn't.

And it's not like he's tied to the bed with duct tape, he just seems to have a whole lot of it wrapped around his wrists ?!

I'm sure someone will explain it to me.

Kendra is one of the better characters, she has an interesting face and a liveliness which makes her sister look even more dull.

Nolan is basically Archer, stomping around telling people what to do with no effing idea what the real agendas are but so fat headed as to just assume he is right, always right.

Best episode so far IMO, but still so many hokey lines.

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