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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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The Chevy Vega... what a piece of crap that turned out to be...
My mother got one in 1974, brand new. I think it started rusting about six months after she got it.
I just finally was able to watch this episode last night on the DVR. I don't remember any mention of "Vega". I remember it being un-named. Only described as being smaller, with plenty of power and handeling. I also remember a vague mention of Ford's Mustang when discussing the un-named car. My first thought was Camaro, which better fits the description they were talking about and was the direct "answer" to Mustang by GM. The only rub is, I believe Camaro/Firebird had a limited production run in 1967.

Could be Vega, but the car would be in developement from 68 - 70 and not be launched until 1971.

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