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Re: Who likes cooking?

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Sigokat, what kind of pie shell recipe were you looking for? For sweet or savory pies? I have recipes for both.

Kestra, Amazon has the recipe book Sigokat quoted as source for the pecan pie recipe:
Rhubardodendron, I'm not entirely sure I guess whichever would go with a pecan pie. I have some other pie recipes I'm wanting to try when I get back home as well.

The recipe book that my Grandmother made was for all her children (6 total) and included all their favorite recipes growing up and then all the rest she used to do. It includes everything from appetizers to drinks to desserts. She was a beast in the kitchen!!

I have the book now because it came to me when my father passed away 2 years ago (he was only 57). I have yet to try any of her recipes but plan to do so when I get home. Some of the things I remember her making from when i was a child were so good!
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