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Re: Game of Thrones 3.6 - "The Climb" - Rate and discuss

I'm finding this season to be a real drag. I hope the pace picks up because its getting really boring at times. There are far too many plots to cover, with each character getting about 2 minutes of screen time per episode.

Joffrey has hardly been used this season. I know the fate of his character from the books but for me it's just not really going to be as dramatic unless he really gets nasty again (though the final few minutes of this episode kept his role of the most hated character in fantasy right up there).

Theon's story is as boring as hell. He's been prisoner for six episodes. Get on with it.

I wish Samwell Tarly would be killed off. Part of the problem is I don't know his story arc so I don't know how far this will drag on.

On the plus side, Diana Rigg and Charles Dance are two of my favourite actors, so to see them on screen together was great and did not disappoint.
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