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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anyon emitter.
B is for Benjamin Lafayette Sisko.
C is for Cardassian facial hair.
D is for Delta Flyer
E is for the Enterprise. All of them. From the CV-6 and her six predecessors. The CVN-65 and CVN-80. The OV-101. The NX-01. The NCC-1701,1701-A, 1701-B, 1701-C, 1701-D, and the 1701-E.
F is for Ferris, a 21st century Earth tyrant once mentioned by Garth of Izar.
G is for Glommer. Tribble predator.
H is for Harry Mudd's big belt buckle.
I is for Iconian ice cream.
J is for Jim Kirk. Some down-on-his-luck bozo in Riverside, Iowa that liked to hang out in Starfleet bars and hit on the hot female officers. In some alternate timelines he's still there.
K is for Klingon bastards!
L is for Lwaxana Troi's sex drive. The less said about it the better for everybody involved.
M is for Matter Stream. Which begins to degrade after a few minutes. Unless you pull some Treknological mumbo jumbo like Scotty did.
N is for Narendra star system.
O is for Orion animal women.
P is for Paris, location of the offices of the Federation President while they're on Earth.
Q is for Quasar like phenomenon.
R is for Reman dilithium mines.
S is for Sybok. Spock's half-brother.
T is for Tetryon field.
U is for Universal translator.
V is for Voyager's bioneural gel packs.
W is for the Woden. A Federation freighter that was the M-5's first kill.
X is for Xon. Spock's replacement.
Y is for Yangs, the foes of the Kohms.
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