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1:26 - Shockwave (1st Season Finale)

TV Blurb: The Temporal Cold War begins to boil when it appears Enterprise is responsible for an accident destroying an entire mining colony. Written by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga. Directed by Allan Kroeker.

I really hate the Temporal Cold War arc, which is why it took a week to get around to reviewing this cliffhanger. Despite multiple viewings, I don't think I ever managed to watch the whole thing in a single sitting.

Archer punishes himself (again) for the colony's destruction, especially after Enterprise is ordered to return home for an investigation. Scott Bakula is very good in these scenes of self-doubt, desperately trying to understand how a treknically impossible accident happened.

Matt Winston returns as the presumed dead Daniels, and gives Archer the answer. I think the reason I don't like Daniels is because in every appearance, poor Winston has to go through lengthy expository dialogue explaining what's going on to Archer and us each time. Daniels isn't a character, he's a prop, a mouthpiece for the writers to continually explain the TCW arc. Daniels never gets to do any thing interesting, just stands around and bores us with recitation.

John Fleck is also back as Silik, but doesn't get to do much more than make threats and metaphorically twirl his mustache. Future Guy (James Horan) returns too, issuing orders.

And I think this is the problem with the TCW. Unless Daniels, or Silik, or Future Guy are around, there's no way to tell what the hell's going on. We're constantly being given information Archer and the crew are unaware of, and can't learn until one of those other characters explains everything.

There are a few good special effects moments. The first one is in the teaser, with the colony disaster. Another appears at the end, and ably illustrates the hopelessness of Archer's situation in the cliffhanger.

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