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Re: “In Conversation” or “Berman and Braga vs the world.”

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You must not have watched TNG, DS9, or VOY when they were first run. TNG honestly (and rightfully) got blasted for it's TERRIBLE first two seasons; and actually didn't start receiving some positive mentions until "Yesterday's Enterprise" in Season 3. Similarly, I suppose you forgot the "DS9 is too bland/dark/npt GR's 'vision'..." cries from Star Trek fans during its first two seasons too.
Sure people were critical, but they kept watching and were rewarded for their patience.

the simple fact is - there isn't a post TOS/TAS Star trek series that didn't have god-awful writing during its first two Seasons, and actually, at least ENT has a couple really decent episodes from its first coupl,e of seasons ("Silent Enemy"; "The Andorian Incident" "Fallen Hero"; "Dear Doctor" to name a few from S1 and "Minefield"; "The Catwalk"; "Cease Fire"; "Future Tense"; "First Flight"; and "The Expanse" from S2).
The Catwalk? Seriously? The episodes you name are just episodes that weren't as mindnumbingly dull as the rest of Enterprise's episodes. There are no episodes in Enterprise's entire run that can match the sheer brilliance of early season episodes like "Measure of a Man", "Q Who", "Duet", "The Jem'Hadar" or even"Jetrel" or "Tuvix".

Season 3 of ENT overall was on par bwith the best of TNG S3 and (IMO) S4 was some of the best Star Trek stories done since TOS S1.
It's clear you're a huge fan of the show Noname, and in a way I envy you. But seriously, Enterprise never even came close to the brilliance of seasons 3 and 4 of TNG or DS9's seasons 5 and 6. Enterprise's Xindi arc was breath of fresh air and at the time I really loved that season. But in hindsight, the premise was a very weird choice for a prequel series and the writers actually abandoned the initial premise of the show for an entire season. It feels very out of place. Season 4 was hardcore Trek in the sense that every episodes references established cannon or tried to expand upon it. It was the first time Enterprise had a point to make. But still, the stories themselves weren't exciting enough. The pacing was also very slow because of the unnecessary spreading out of a story over 2 or 3 episodes.

I'll tell you why I think Enterprise never worked and it's evident from the interviews on the Blu Rays. Berman and Braga were never enthusiastic about the show. Berman is just a studio exec who was put on a job in the 80s and continued to do that job for 18 years. He had no affinity with Trek or its fans. It was just a tv show for him, a job. Berman talks about how "the network approached them to do another show" and that "the feeling was we should do something different" and how " it would be a good idea that it was set in an earlier time". Never do you hear: "we got this great idea for a show and we pitched it to the network" or "we loved the idea of setting it in a time before Kirk so we could show (the fans) what the early days of Starfleet and the Federation looked like". Instead we get some casual remarks about people wearing baseball caps and jeans and eating in Chinatown. A good trek writer should have some kind of enthusiasm or even reverence for the source material or the established cannon. I think during season 4 the writers room did have that. But not during seasons 1 - 3. If the writers and producers aren't excited about the show they are producing, then fans like me won't be either.
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