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The other problem with a moneyless society, is how were people compensated when their cash, property, products, farm goods, and stock certificates suddenly became worthless.
I think those things became worthless in the 21st century when their planet became a nuclear wasteland.
600 million people died in the third world war, the equivalent of modern America losing 20 million people. But the majority of Humanity survived, so basic infrastructure couldn't have been knocked down too far. Estimates are that by the middle of this century (the time of WWIII) 70% of the population will be living in cities, obviously after the war they were still able to move food around. So we are not exactly talking about "mad max."

Cochrane was able to travel around by train, rail lines pass through cities. The "world war" could have been devastating to select portions of the Earth, but not really world wide. The world wide economy would have taken a hard hit, but could have recovered in decades.

The Vulcan Ambassador in ST: Enterprise said that Vulcans were amazed at how fast Humans recovered.

Isn't it possible to be libertarian without being so smugly cynical that we have to complain about the idealism of a TV series based on idealism?
Except Star Trek isn't based on "idealism," it's based on action-adventure, based on solving whatever that week's (or season's) dilemma is.

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