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Re: STID: The first sign that Abrahms is NOT infallable [-> G&D]

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The funny thing is, I don't think younger crowds are having as much trouble as some of the old timers enjoying all versions of Trek.
People who are presented with all these versions as already existing are a lot less likely to perceive the earlier versions being of better quality than later ones. For the most part, it's only folks who've invested themselves emotionally in an older version who have trouble with the newer ones.

Lots of younger people prefer TNG to TOS, for example.
The Next Generation is almost 30 years old, and started in the 1980s, so while I agree it might be preferred by some younger people to TOS, it still looks very "dated" in terms of the effects and story pacing, compared to the new Abrams version of Trek - TNG is the choice of their dads' generation - it's "old school", I think... :-)
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