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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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The way he viewed the "TNG verse" was bad for TV Drama. I think that is where a lot of their criticism comes from. I think it is deserved. People will have conflicts it is in our nature. People are not always going to agree, we aren't a bunch of drones.
I don't know. While I understand the frustration of the writers, I've personally always loved the respectful, mature, and professional way the TNG characters acted around each other-- and how there weren't the kind of petty disagreements and soap opera nonsense like we see on every other show.
Agreed. Television drama tropes and cliches be damned, I thought that the TNG crew operated more like a realistic working environment because of the lack of over-the-top contrived conflict between crew members.

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Loved the commentary tracks on all the episodes so far. Offspring another great episode. Now I am up to the commentary on Sins of the Father. Man, that opening ship shot in this episode really sucks. I really enjoy hearing Ira and RDM talk about the show. It is also interesting everything they felt was wrong with TNG, they sort of fixed on DS9, and then of course RDM fixed it all on Galactica.

Also, note, on the DVD I did notice the brighter carpet on the bridge in Season 3, however it looks even brighter on the

meh, I thought galactica was terrible after about season 2 or 3. turned from interesting science fiction into religious mumbo jumbo... which ds9 showed major signs of as well.
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