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Re: Does the prime directive apply with MORE advanced species? (prophe

TNG The Game.

"Trade" with unknown species is dangerous. Anything can be a Trojan, or unwittingly dangerous like in DS9 Rivals when Quark massreplicated a device he misunderstood that was dangerously manipulating reality.

It's not like the Federation would legally and officially buy grain from an unknown species after the last time they bought poisoned grain from assholes?

Definition of "Federation".

The Prime Directive is about Starfleet, not bog standard Federation citizens.

But still whatever Civil Service runs the Federation in the name of the Federation Council, a massive army of diplomats, governers ambassadors, overseerers, middlemen and minions... Who may not in anyway be bound by Starfleet regulations, would still be bound to have asshole insurance, which is exactly what will stop the Federaion et all from using any "gifts" from a new aquaintance before thoroughly testing to see if these gifts are trick or treat.

There's an approved list.

If you wander off the approved list, your genitals will fall off and you'll shit your brain out of the hole where your balls used to swing from.
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