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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Watching the Defector, I love the after the opening credits chase of the scout ship and the Romulan cruiser. The ships in HD look great. The close up of the scout drifting over the Enterprise is really nice. I really wish they followed up on this episode in later seasons maybe when they had Spock on Romulus. The shots at the end with the Enterprise turning into the Romulan ships, is excellent. What Enterprise model was used for the shots in this episode, the details on it really stand out in HD. This is one of my favorite season 3 episodes.

I wish they would have ended Nemesis with a call back to this episode. It would have worked for me as a finale for the TNG crew better than what the movie actually did. I get this sense that they didn't do it because it wasn't mainstream enough, and that's a shame.

Agreed 100%

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I enjoyed the commentary for Yesterday's Enterprise with Moore/Behr/Okudas.

They made a good point that I hadn't realized. The way they bring attention to Yar's meaningless death was a pretty bold statement about the earlier writing staff. I'm surprised they got away with that.

I haven't seen the commentary, but I never took it as a statement about the earlier writing staff. I always liked how Yar died in the line of duty, a good soldier.
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