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Re: Question about one reality from Parallels.

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^Nah. The use of Galor class ships by Bajorans suggests that there was an occupied Bajor or at least a Bajor that was harassed or under attack by Cardassians for some time..
Where did you get the idea that the Bajorans were using Cardassian ships? The ship that attacked the Enterprise was just said to be Bajoran. Nobody pointed out what class or design it was. And we never saw it, either.

The only Galor-class ship we saw, onscreen, in that episode, was an actual Cardassian ship which was crewed BY Cardassians. And the only thing we saw it attack, was the Argus Array, in one of the alternate realities. (This is not the same reality as the one where the Bajorans destroyed the Array - the reality we're talking about here. In that, we only heard that the Bajorans destroyed the Array. We didn't see them do it.)
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