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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Can't believe some of you never noticed the early S3 interim uniforms and bright bridge carpet. What kind of fans are you!?

Finished the main documentaries (not the writers room) on the set and one thing that kind of annoyed me this time and wasn't so bad in the prior sets was you'd have the writers like Snodgrass or Stillwell talking and they'd be showing lighting passes of Gomtu. My brain had a hard time following what really seemed like them rambling while trying to appreciate the effect shots. It's almost like Burnett/Lay knew they had some rambling moments and said hey let's just overlay some cool effects shots to mask the rambling.

Other than that it was great stuff. I can't wait to hear Behr on the DS9 sets. TNG would have been far different if he had been calling the shots, that's for sure (see Captains Holiday story).
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