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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I just don't think someone who made such horrible Batman movies can ever do anything good. He failed at making Batman, completely. He not only got it wrong, he made Batman unrecongniseable. All of the trailers and tV spots for MoS look horrible and, to me, reinforce by thoughts on the movie. I mean, come on, it has hobo Superman. Superman doesn't give up, he doesn't wonder the road with a beard (I'm assuming he's doing this just until he can find a cure for his gamma radiation poisoning ). Can't we just have superman have a good childhood (after arriving on earth obviously) with no parents telling him to let people drown, then have him move to Metropolis, become a hero, and fight a villain (perferably with only 5 or so minutes spent on Krypton and earth childhood combined, its a movie about the man of steel, not the planet that blew up or Clark trying to hide his powers as a kid)? It doesn't have to be all that similar to the Christopher Reeve superman, but it should have a less dark tone than a freaking Batman movie, especially Nolan's garbage.
Have you ever seen someone that works a blue collar job? Those are not "hobo clothes" and to refer to them as such reveals the sheltered life you must lead. The working man version of Clark seen in the trailers is straight from John Byrne's Man of Steel (hmmm, that title sounds familiar). One of the finest versions of the origin story ever told. If you haven't read that and can't see the similarities then I would suggest you know less about Superman than you think.
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