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Speaking of younger crowds... A young lad I work with is looking forward to catching STID this week. Loved the trailer. Reckons he'll have to watch "the first Star Trek movie" beforehand.

'The first Star Trek movie' to my ears brought to mind The Motion Picture and VGer. No! Don't start with Vger! Of course he meant the 2009 reboot. He knew I was a fan and told me he hadn't seen any of the others. I asked if he liked any of the series - Nope. Not no, he didn't like them, but no, he had no real clue about them. I rattled off all the names to no avail. He had a vague awareness of Star Trek and that there had been more than one television series over the years. But he's 17, and for him, Star Trek IS the reboot.

I was also speaking with another co-worker (a young girl, this time) about what was on at the movies and mentioned STID. She blew me away when she said she was going with her friends. This 18 year old chick who seems a run of the mill sort for her age wants to go see a Star Trek movie? Well, evidently one of the 'lead guys' is really hot and they love him in something else. She couldn't name him, but methinks it's Pine or Cumberbatch.

Point being, this girl and her friends wouldn't have been caught dead going to say... Nemesis. As a fan of Trek for the better part of two decades, this is the first time I've found my niche interest shared with ... shall we say, more *normal* people. It's refreshing.

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