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Amen, brother! My youngest daughter was six when ST09 came out. She was ambivalent about it because Daddy (who dresses like Captain Kirk on Halloween) liked it. But she went around saying, "I like this ship, you know, it's exciting!" for about a year after the movie. And my oldest, who's 13 now, has a crush on Chris Pine going back to "The Princess Diaries". She saw ST09, and she won't admit it, but she's not saying, "Dad, I'm waaaay old enough to stay home alone," when I say, "Let's all go see STID," either. They want to like it. (My wife? She's a lost cause. Liked TVH, thought ST09 was "fine." That's about it.)

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I am so looking forward to this movie. i waited four years for this and i'm going to the enjoy it regardless of what you naysayers say. only 9 more days for the sneak peek here in the US and 11 days until it's released for reals
You're post reminded me of what the late great Orioles announcer Chuck Thompson used to shout into the microphone in the first inning of every opening day of the baseball season: "AIN'T THE BEER COLD!" Hell yeah. Get excited. It's either going to fun at worst and REAL fun at best, I think.

You other folk (you know who you are): Haters gonna hate.
yeah i can't wait to see it with my pop. i may be 23 years old but i still love going to the movies with my dad. makes me feel like a kid again.
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