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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I wish Nemesis made a callback to something....anything. As it was, it took a dump on TNG's continuity. First, they created another Soong android, simultaneously ignoring the existence of Lore, it made Worf's voice deeper (because the director was a moron), and Wesley reappeared as a Starfleet officer.

I always found the TOS movies to be superior to the TV show, but the TNG movies are inferior to TNG as a whole, First Contact included.
I really wish there were call backs to Tomalok, etc in Nemesis. The TNG movies were not really like the series. They changed the dynamics of the show when it jumped to the movies. For TOS they just made sure to link it to the old show, and showed the characters older, put them in slightly different roles and situations, and then turned the movies into an event like episodes sort of like Season 2- Doomsday Machine, Ultimate Computer, Immunity Syndrome, etc. Plus they kept the crew relationships intact. We sort of knew what Spock and Kirk would do based on past behavior in Menagerie, Immunity Syndrome, Tholian Web, Bread and Circuses, etc.

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