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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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But seriously, I do agree with you that the suits did seem a bit more realistic in the first IM1. I wish we had Tony explaining to Pepper how he had implanted magic nanotechnology into his blood to able to call parts of his suits to him, instead of just implying everything.
Well it's worse than that. I didn't get into that part in my first post, but it kind of bugged me through the last half of the movie...

The implants in Tony's arm were somehow able to contact each suit piece in Tennesee from Miami. So utilizing some kind of satellite uplink? That is forward thinking...

Now each suit piece has sufficient propulsion to allow it to fly from Tennesee to Miami. The CGI made it appear that they had little jets... fueled by what? Every try launching a model rocket that far?

The complete suit's propulsion is supposed to be repulser based so that it doesn't need fuel. Fine, and this is actually a brilliant update from Stan Lee's original design. But these suit pieces aren't blasting repulsers to make themselves fly, and there would be no possibilty of them controlling their flight that precisely and decellerating like they did. (The joke of Tony taking the hit from codpiece notwithstanding.)

It just couldn't work that way according to the way the armour is depicted as working. So I have to suspend my disbelief, and then suspend my disbelief of that first suspension.

If the armour flew as one piece and then cracked open to encase Tony, I could have handled that.
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