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Re: ENT Caption Contest #88: A Very Special Episode

ARCHER: (Thinking) Best bet I ever lost.

ALIEN: You mean to tell me she can figure out an entire language, by herself, in a few hours, without even knowing any of the vocabulary?
TRIP: Yep.

PHLOX: You asked for more lines again, didn't you?

HOLOGRAPHIC T'POL: Commander's log. I have just gained sentience, and realized the truth. Ever since a recreation of the real T'Pol's final mission aboard the Enterprise, the cook, who is really the Commander of a 24th century ship, has been using me for a perverse sexual fantasy of his. I can not take this existence any longer, and have finally found a way out: I found a way to erase my program. I hope my brief existence will be remembered not as a perverse sexual object, but as a martyr for all photonic life.

ARCHER: I find that deeply offensive to my culture! I demand you respect human rituals!
ALIEN: I don't care.
ARCHER: But... but... I did a weird tree ritual.
ALIEN: Nobody else but the Federation cares about other cultures' superstitions.
T'POL: I told you it wouldn't work.
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