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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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^I was under the impression that they were subcutaneous implants that served the same function as the bracelets that summoned his mobile suit in The Avengers.
When you think about it, Tony developing the skill to call the armor pieces to him is the logical conclusion to this tech. It is even from the comics.

But I'm really glad they didn't go with Tony being able to call the armor from his own bones, and being able to control computer systems with his brain like in the comics. That would have been WAY too out there.

But I missed the fact that we didn't get one good glory moment of Tony in a definitive, fully-functional suit kicking ass. What we got was a malfunctioning prototype and a musical suits climax.
I missed that too. Even Iron Patriot got a chance to be a badass taking down the first group of terrorist, and Pepper delivering the final kill to the main villain while wearing a sports bra (Loved it even though it was so over the top).

But Tony did take down a group of those thugs with his hardware tools and capture the Mandarin. Tony got way more action in IM3 than the first two movies.
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