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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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You're attracted to who you're attracted to. If Beverly doesn't physically respond to a female, that's not indicative of prejudice - that's her biology. She still loved Odan, but love isn't always enough.
Right, it in-and-itself isn't an issue really.

It's not like The Outcast or Cogenitor which have more clear gender and/or sexual preference issues/allegories.

It's no different than her feeling weird that Odan moved to Riker, which is super awkward and she's very reluctant to move forward with him as Riker. Odan tries really really hard to get her to keep up the relationship while in Riker. The question becomes then would she still like Odan in any body she doesn't personally find attractive? Say an ugly or older man, I assume she'd eventually come to the same conclusion.

As has been said on another site. She's expected to be an omni-sexual when very few people are that open, people generally feel attracted to who they are attracted to both physically and mentally, and it doesn't suddenly change.

Of course if you go with the TNG-era Roddenberry ideology it does seem like by extension of what else he espoused then Beverly shouldn't be bothered by the changes... just like Jeremy Aster shouldn't be bothered by the loss of his mother, just like how no one is supposed to have any major interpersonal issues, etc. etc. People are supposed to be so well adjusted they take everything in stride.
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