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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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What are you talking about clone body? Kaine is the only clone currently around, and Otto of course is possessing Peter's body. Also what mysterious figures? And what lies? Are you actually reading the book or just reading stuff from the internet or fan reaction? I get you don't like what's being done with the've made that pretty clear in your posts, but I'm just not seeing the other stuff you're mentioning.
I was actually talking about The Clone Saga, with its mysterious all powerful characters who seem to exist only to be mysterious and just dissapear, its seeming inability to decide whether Peter Parker or Ben Riley was the clone, and its inability to decide who exactly was running the whole thing or just what the hell was going on.

Spider Island would only seem to cover the Jackel stuff there's still the rest of that train wreck to pull from.
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