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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

What's even more ironic is when later attitudes clash with the Utopian ones from early seasons or shows.

Early in Trek it goes out to claim that humans are completely open and accepting--no prejudices. There seems to be many types of inter-species relationships .

Does that mean a 24th century person wont let gender stand in the way of attraction?

Beverly rejects her former lover Odan because he's now in a female body. At first it's obvious she anticipates meeting him again when she assumed it would be a male.

She actually admitted she couldn't allow herself to be attracted to him anymore.

But, since humans don't judge or care about appearance anymore, does that mean Beverly should have went ahead and had a relationship with regardless of her gender?

Why couldn't she just be attracted to this woman the same way humans are OK with dating people from other planets/species?
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