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USS Titan: Crew Needed

Have you ever looked at the Constitution Refit Class and loved the design?

Do you love the dynamic and the interaction, and friendship between the characters in the TMP era?

Do you love the TOS characters in their movie roles?

Do you love the Red Jacket Uniforms frm this era?

If you answereed yes to any or all of these questions, then the Titan is for you. The Titan is a Constitution Refit Class, in the year 2290, which is the year that Capt. Sulu took command of the USS Excelsior. This is in between Star Trek V and Star Trek VI. The Titan is a Play By Email simm, which uses a Yahoo Groups board as our IC list.

Enough about that,

The Titan has many positions open that need to be filled, hopefully one of them is for you.

Chief Helm Officer
Chief Navigations/Tactical Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Infiltration Specialist

and Chief of the Boat, the Senior Most enlisted Person on the ship.

Or If you'd like to take a Civilian route, you're options are but not limited to, Bartender and Civilian Journalist for the Federation News Service.

What are you doing still reading? go to USS Titan right now which is located at: USS Titan to join, any questions you can email me at
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