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Re: Question about one reality from Parallels.

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We know that in the same quantum reality that the Bajorans overthrew the Cardassian Occupation and became more aggressive.
It didn't say that the Bajorans overthrew the Occupation - rather, that they overpowered the entire Cardassian Union. I interpreted this to mean that in that universe, the occupation happened in reverse - that it was Bajor who invaded and occupied Cardassia.
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^I always took it as an occupation that was overthrown before they overpowered Cardassians because they still used their ships like Kazon using Trabe ships...
The kicker for me was that they didn't mention the occupation by name. "Ever since Bajor overpowered the Cardassian Empire," was the specific phrase they used, IIRC. That's how I suspected that in that universe the occupation ran in the other direction, as it were.

Side note: For more on that, check out Nerys Ghemor's most excellent Cardassian fanfic, Sigils and Unions. She has two 'versions' of it, as it were: The Thirteenth Order (which, IIRC, takes place in the main Trek universe) and Catacombs of Oralius (which is set in this very "Parallels" reality we are discussing here. And she does go with the theory that it was Bajor who occupied Cardassia in that universe. I believe the Cardassian who served on the Enterprise is also a character in that work).
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